Light in Taiyuan - Workshop


Light is used as a medium to understand the drawing. Light is being colelcted at different hours of a day and store it in a time corridor. Light moves when you start connecting different moments in time. Lightscape is a picture painted with light. Many lightscapes done at the same place but different times of day are put into rapid succession of sequential images, making light a precondition for story telling.

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純禾作 Pure Do


Chen I-Chun teams up with Luo He-Lin to create Pure Do, an interdiscipline new media art group. Chen specializes in graphic design, shape design, animations, while Luo specializes in programming and mechanical devices. Their works can be seen in many new media electronic art festival and art museums, using IT and digitization to interpret different forms of art, e.g. the digitizing calligraphy and choreography in Light Calligraphy, IT sculpting in The Light in the Storm, IT topography in Elapse Trace, and IT dramatization in Urban Drama, etc.




Tagtool X Animation Workshop

透過數位彩繪與動畫軟體tagtool,參與者在這工作坊的時間內可藉由VJ Suave的引導體驗在光影、動畫與即時投影中動動手指、發揮想像力,學習數位繪圖與動畫技巧,既能即興創作亦可預設演出的動畫腳本,恣意在空間中隨處創造全新的藝術展現平台,並且可以輕鬆地在社群分享給朋友或公眾。 本工作坊因為彩繪軟體需使用iOS系統,提醒參加者需要自行準備iPad以便操作與學習。

Participants get involved gaining experience in digital drawing and animation techniques with tagtool app. Tagtool is an instrument for collaborative visual expression, that allows the user to paint with light, animate and project in real time. It explores the interaction between drawing, technology and architecture to create a new art platform which transforms the projected walls into artworks. It’s a digital tool that lets you draw with your fingers keeping the process fluid letting your imagination run free. The content is customized by age range and it’s possible to establish objectives and themes. The result can be shared with friends, public, on the internet or even projected on a special performance. Remind : This workshop needs your own Ipad to join.

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VJ 舒瓦夫 VJ Suave

由來自巴西聖保羅的雙人組VJ Suave,以數位互動與手感十足的插畫將空間做為創作藝術的舞台,產生具即時性與個人創作風格的繽紛樣貌,VJ Suave的足跡在世界不同角落創作奇幻迷離又可愛討喜的故事場景,這次由TAxT桃園科技藝術節邀請來台,除了展覽與開幕演出,也將把握難得機會和大家分享他們的創作經驗與舉辦工作坊帶領大家體驗數位即興投影創作的樂趣。

VJ Suave, the Sao Paulo art duo, turns digital interaction and hand drawn sketches into stages for creative art, creating a sense of immediacy and individuality with their trademark colorful figures. VJ Suave has left its mark around the world, spreading their magically psychedelic yet adorably cute story scenes. This time, at the invitation of TAxT, visitors will not only be treated to a VJ Suave exhibition and opening show, they will also look forward to a workshop with the dynamic duo to learn from their creative experience and have fun in making spontaneous digital projection art.



Information Physicalization Workshop


Information visualization is a method for understanding abstract data using graphical representation. Most often this is done via printed graphs and charts or as animations on a computer screen. With some creative use of microcontrollers and servo motors and other actuators, we can make physical and kinetic representations of chosen data. Maybe even understand changes over time in the data better. In this workshop, we will do few experiments with environmental data translated to motion and make a kinetic sculpture that can perform information physicalization for us.

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多摩·當明伯 Tuomo Tammenpää

生活於芬蘭的Tuomo Tammenpää,是Luup Culture Oy創意總監、開源硬體與設計聯盟 Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance (OHANDA)設計者,Pixelache藝術節成員、設計師、媒體藝術家、自造者、OHANDA創辦人、策展人等身份於一身,應用環境素材進行創作或觀察,致力於開放資源推廣,這位駭客自造者也擅於透過媒體素材探索科技於民眾與生態之間的關係。

Tuomo Tammenpää is a concept designer, an entrepreneur and a media artist from Kemiö, Finland. He shares his time between design commissions, cultural productions, and experimental protytyping. After twenty years of work with interactive media art and digital design he has focused his work on playful interaction in connected world, embracing the ideological framework of Open Hardware and Do-It-With-Others practices. Currently Tammenpää works as a Chief Creative Officer in Helsinki-based startup Luup Culture Oy, working on audiovisual mobile application development. He is a member of Pixelache -festival and Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland.




擁有新媒體設計、電機背景的藝術家Christian Faubel將應用易懂有趣的方式,在看似遊戲的過程中理解科學的知識,也展開創意超展開的旅程,這個工作坊非常適合對於機械人有興趣的創作者、更適合親子一同參與,應用實物投影機、簡單的電子與電機原理和參加者一同創作機械動作的各種想像,並將實物投影機作為舞台。

Artist Christian Faubel has background in new media design and electrical engineering. He will explain science in simple terms by way of easy, fun, and game-like processes. Viewers are in for a creative and freewheeling journey. Robot artists and families with kids will find the workshop most enjoyable. With help of opaque projectors and simple electronic and electrica engineering principles, participants are encouraged to imagine varoius possibilities for mechine kinetics, using the projector as stage.


藝術家介紹 About Artist

克里斯汀·法貝爾 與 寇杜拉·考伯

Christian Faubel/ Cordula Koerber

Christian Faubel目前於德國科隆媒體藝術學院任職,具電機工程博士學位,研究領域橫跨自動系統研究、神經科學,媒體藝術和設計,創立Derstrudel企圖透過讓複雜電機或程式等電子與工程科學變充滿趣味以輕鬆學習,作品與互動設計中多以俏皮又具實驗性的手法創造物件或人物,作品往往詼諧療癒亦有哲學性,看似玩具的娛樂趣味中展現機器人學、神經科學等理論與觀察。

2017/10/15(SUN) 13:00-17:00


8bit Mixtape Neo Workshop

工作坊中馬克將帶領大家自己製作完成”最新台灣限定版本”的8位元混音帶(8 bit MixTape Neo)電子合成器。喜歡自己動手做的朋友們將自己組焊單晶片與簡單聲音上傳,創造出自己喜愛的演算聲響、噪音與復古的80年代遊戲機音樂風格的8位元混音帶合成器,這場工作不用自己帶工具,我們將為參加者準備材料與工具。

Marc Dusseiller will conduct a workshop on “How to Make Yourself an 8-bit Mix Tape Neo (Taiwan Only)”. All you DIY fans are invited to upload your own handmade/welded chips and sound online. You can create your own favourite digital tune, noise, or a throwback to the 80s video game songs on a 8-bit Mix Tape Neo. Simply show up at the venue and we’ll have all the materials and tools ready for you.

藝術家介紹 About Artist

馬克·多斯埃拉·多斯亞加 Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr 為跨領域學者、微型奈米講師、藝術家,工作範疇結合了科學,藝術和教育於一身,同時為國際生化藝術組織_駭生物(Hackteria)與瑞士機電藝術協會(SGMK, Swiss Mechatroinc Art Society)創辦人,為生物藝術、開放源碼軟體和電子實驗有濃厚興趣的人提供了一個豐富的網上資訊平台。

Marc Dusseiller is an interdisciplinary scholar, a micro and nanotechnologies lecturer, and an artist. His work combines science, art and education into one. He is also the founder of both Hackteria (an international biological art organization) and Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (SGMK), where he offers an interactive online platform for anyone interested in biological and genetic art, open sources software and electronic labs.


2017/10/21(SAT) 13:30-16:30


Vocal and objects improv performance workshop

在聆聽、呼吸、發聲中挖掘聲音表演的可能,實驗除了傳統歌唱或語言以外的發聲方式,發展人聲打擊聲、呼吸的移動、各式音質、音色與震動,以及與空間中原音反射的運用。除了自己的身體或生活中的物件來發展各種聲音的質地,與夥伴組合各種即興表演試驗,或與建築空間和聆聽做結合。 參與者可自備發聲物件: 思考不同的材質怎樣發出不同的聲音,思考大小容器/空間的迴蕩性,以一物件與別的物件來互相彈奏。尋找什麼是可以彈奏的物件(包括手/身體),可以回聲的空間(也可以很小)。各式物件如何產生不同的聲音質感與音色。

The workshop explores different possibility in listening, breathing and making vocal sounds. In addition to singing and spoken words, there is also arcappella, using vocal cords to reproduce percussions, breathing, various sound quality and timbre, vibration, plus echoes. Various sounds are produced through the body of a performer or some everyday objects. There are also improptu performances by groups of performers, making use of the built spaces, or simply human’s capacity to listen. Participants are encouraged to bring various noise making objects and see if they can work out the following questions: How does different textures generate different sound? How does echoing effect differ between big and small containers? How to give a musical performace by using one or multiple objects? What makes good instruments (including your hands/ body)? What types of space create an echo (size does not seem to matter)? How do various objects produce different sound quality and timbre?

藝術家介紹 About Artist

聽說 Ting Shuo Studio

由張惠笙與 Nigel Brown 共同成立的「聽說」,扎根於台灣台南,是個以「聲音」為活動主軸的組織。聽說以:推廣聲音與實驗音樂文化、發展及性與合作工作方式、與分享與聆聽的包容性參與為目標。

Ting Shuo  is an organisation based in Tainan, Taiwan with sound at the centre of its activities. They engage with a diverse community through encouraging participation and encounters with contemporary listening and sound creation practices from around the world. Ting Shuo Studio has an open space for workshops and performances, a sound studio, and a listening gallery for experimental music publications.



White Umbrella Project


It all began in 2008, when dimension plus and partners had an idea, “Our intention was simple. We wanted to find a voice for all universal human rights.” “People quietly walking around with an white umbrella in their hands, with images of victims of violence throughout history are proejcted onto the canopies.” Initially, we wanted to use the umbrellas as a medium of sound, or employ infrared cameras to detect locations of the umbrella to get precise projections. It was only in 2016 when we developed a mini DIY analogue projector that people were able to replicate the steps and started build their own projectors and even remodelling them. In this year’s TAxT, visitors will be invited to build their own mini projectors and raise their own white umbrellas.


藝術家介紹 About Artist

超維度互動 Dimension Plus


Dimension Plus, a New Media Arts Creative Team, founded by Escher Tsai (Taiwan) and Keith Lam (Hong Kong) at 2009, focuses on art and technology. Their projects focus on New Media-embedded space and cross-discipline interactive design, embedding New Media Arts into industry, enhancing audience experience by interacting and touching with the media. In the digital era, they still believe the sense of existence while living in the real world. By mixing-and-matching of Digital-Physical, they transfer the invisible and digital into a tangible and visible texture, creating works with combination of digital and analog, linking the digital and physical from two heterogeneous dimensions.