TAxT桃園科技藝術節開幕演出將由巴西VJ Suave擔綱演出Suaveciclo,Suaveciclo是由結合影音、電腦與電力設備的三輪車,在看似小巧的車體空間上進行數位塗鴉創作,透過投影與騎乘移動,便可隨處進行數位塗鴉創作,將城市、樹林、湖泊、人行島等幻化為創作的畫布讓如詩如夢亦有些俏皮的動畫一躍而上和民眾互動。 此開幕戶外演出為免費參加。TAxT Taoyuan Art x Technology Festival Opening Performance, The Suaveciclo is an audiovisual tricycle adapted with a projector, computer, speakers and batteries. They’re used so that small narratives with characters and poetry can travel open spaces, lighting the walls on a large scale. The projections illuminate walls, trees, lakes, sidewalks and propose a playful interactivity with the public. This outdoor performance is free to join.


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VJ 舒瓦夫 VJ Suave

VJ Suave由來自巴西聖保羅的Ceci Soloaga與Ygor Marotta共同組成的新媒體藝術創作雙人組。將科技與街頭藝術融為一體在城市表面上進行塗鴉與動畫創作,手感十足的動畫、情節隨著空間、材質、光線、樹木、建材等,經由VJ Suave的創意將動畫創造的奇幻世界與現實生活混合在一起,創造了觀眾和城市之間獨特的連結與時刻。

VJ Suave is Ceci Soloaga and Ygor Marotta a new media art duo, based in São Paulo, Brazil. Specialists in digital art, VJ Suave works frame by frame animation projected on the urban surface, blending technology with street art. With his works, the duo proposes a unique moment of connection between the spectator and the city, mixing animated history with real life. The animation is developed from hand-drawn drawings and designed according to the architecture of the space, illuminating walls, trees, buildings and different surfaces of the city.




Dökk(冰島語:黑暗)源自2014年作品Ljós(光之意),舞者Elena Annovi所沈浸的世界,是透過她配戴的生理狀態及體感偵測設備,結合藉由情緒分析法,處理來自社群網路中的情緒狀態編譯建構相互生成細微而深層的連結,也因為每次身體與社群環境反饋的訊息不盡相同,每次演出都將因為即時產生的數據而有不同的演出狀態與效果呈現。

Dökk (‘darkness’ in Icelandic) is the new performance by fuse* and the natural evolution of Ljós (‘light’), which is about the journey of the character interpreted by performer Elena Annovi throughout a sequence of digital landscapes where the perception of space and time is altered. Dökk’s scenography is designed for delivering a sense of deep interdependence between the protagonist and the world surrounding her. In order to represent this concept, a system has been created which processes real-time data from biometric and movement sensors as well as data coming from social networks. These data contribute to modify the performance’s digital and sound landscapes: every time the performance is staged, the system analyzes in real-time the messages that people from all over the world share on social networks, inferring their emotional state through a sentiment analysis algorithm. These data, together with the performer’s biometric data, make the performance different each time.

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賦斯 fuse*

來自義大利的新媒體團隊fuse*以其擅長的數據演算互動與簡潔獨到的視覺語言、聲音設計為特色,無論裝置作品、空間、表演藝術作品等都可見fuse*對於科學、人文、生態環境的關懷與研究於創作之中,以不同的作品形態呈現,過去團隊作品曾獲邀於義大利RomaEuropa、韓國光州藝術節、葡萄牙Lumina 藝術節、法國VIA藝術節、英國Right Here Right Now、荷蘭STRP Biennial、第20屆日本媒體藝術大賞藝術類獎項。

Founded in Italy, new media art group fuse* specializes in digital algorithm. Their work is characterized by simple and unique visual language and sound effects. The group’s concern and research on science, humanity and ecology can be seen represented in various forms of art, from installation, spatial layout, to performance art. Their work has been featured in Romauuropa Festival in Italy, Gwangju Art Festival in South Korea, Lumina Art Festival in Portugal, VIA Festival in France, Right Here Right Now contemporary art exhibition in the UK, and STRP Biennial in the Netherlands. They have also been awarded the Grand Prize in the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival.

2017/11/04 (SAT)19:00


Unicorn of Evolution and Ethics

靈魂的永存就如同神秘的獨角獸,讓人們不斷去探索其真實性, 那些親愛的人在逝去之後,也跟獨角獸一樣,是以言語之間的流傳讓他們重現在我們面前,但與他們共同生活的輪廓記憶卻越來越模糊。 與之平行的我們要如何與他們再次相遇,失去了共同的語言,我們該如何與之聯繫?還有什麼方式可以讓我們述說那些綿綿絮語? 選擇已不常被使用的摩斯密碼,去傳達那些來不及說的私語,將文字轉化成聲音在空氣中,造成空間的震盪,挪動語言的拓樸結構,轉譯話語去撞擊那一些如同獨角獸的靈魂。 告訴他們,即便世人都無法想像你活著的模樣,在浩瀚的宇宙之中,我永遠記得你。 戶外演出為免費參加,即日起至演出前,歡迎到角演論Facebook粉絲頁送上你的話語,創作者會將其編碼後成為演出的元素,搜尋FB: @unicorn.e.a.e

Spirits are just like mythical unicorns whose immortal existence is forever the subject of curiosity. When our loved ones pass, they too become unicorns that only live in our memories and spoken words. But as time goes by, our memories of a life we had with them start to fade. How do we meet again when we our paths don’t cross? How do we communicate with them if we’ve lost our common language? What other ways is there for us to whisper those strings of words? Those words of love that did not get spoken are now being communicated across via the less in use Morse code. Words are converted into sound that floats in the air. They oscillate the space, shift the topography of language and are being translated to collide with the unicorn-like spirits. Even when the whole world no longer recalls their faces, I will always remember them. This much I can say to them. The performance is free. Join the FACEBOOK “Unicorn of Evolution and Ethics” @unicorn.e.a.e and leave your message, the artist will make it into part of the performance.

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電子音樂人Electronic Musician

明德電機 DJ Keydown&DJ Laker / 喔喔豬 OOPiG

Ponga橫跨視覺藝術、服裝設計與數位音樂領域,獲得英國指標性插畫比賽AOI Illustration Award提名,作品曾被Marc Jacobs的御用插畫家 Will Broome收藏。 擅長時尚與黑色幽默之圖像設計,以動物作為表達人性觀點的抒發媒介,其時尚插畫中帶有醜感的時尚人物,傳達每個人應該保有個人的獨特性,合作對象包含:ApportfolioAsia(香港)、Tenderproduct(英國)、Gary Baseman(美國)、週末畫報(中國)

Ponga Huang is an artist who makes paintings, installation, fashion design and Electronic music. Ponga studied MA Illustration at Camberwell College of Art and after graduating she established a womenswear label JALIÉ et PONGA with her friend.Ponga’s work has been featured in numerous newspapers and publications including APPortfolio Vol.02.03.05. She has been commissioned for different type of commercial jobs, known for her playful colour, she has a fantastic grasp of texture and print. Her clint included: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi(Taiwan). ApportfolioAsia(H.K)、Tenderproduct(U.K)、Gary Baseman(U.S.A)、iWeekly(China)


2017/11/04 (SAT)20:30




Throughout the three hundred years of temple history in Taiwan, float parades are known to depict mythical characters reenacting stories from ancient folklores, novel or operas. Float parades have helped promote performance art among the people and even more so for spreading good values, honoring cultural diversity and paying tribute to the deities. Here different marine, land, and avian creatures, symbolic of the three animals offering, or “Sam Seng Hian Ge” are the leading characters. When traditional culture is exceedingly overlooked, we figure out ways to reintroduce ancient sense of beauty in modern languages, so to encourage the people to reappreciate our own culture. The work is done in the artists’ point of view; a collaborative work across the board to inspire new ideas and possibilities.

藝術家介紹 About Artist

三牲獻藝 Sam-seng-hiàn-gē

《三牲獻藝》由知名音樂製作人柯智豪(Blaire Ko)與兩位音樂圈重量級電音製作人鄭各均(Sonic Deadhorse)、黃凱宇(fish.the)所組成,以藝閣的精神為概念,落實風土採集,並將電子音樂與台灣廟宇音樂元素混種、融合的電子音樂跨界長程計劃,也是一個全新形態的電子音樂演出團體。 空方- 柯智豪,音樂家,曾獲台灣金鐘獎最佳音效配樂、金曲獎最、佳客語專輯,多次入圍金曲獎最佳樂團、最佳非流行演奏專輯、誠品選樂、TAIPEI TIMES年度最佳專輯等,曾於《好客樂隊》、《歐噴愛》等樂團活躍,音樂作品涵蓋古典到實驗,演唱會到電視電影舞台配樂。柯智豪持續在音樂創作與嘗試上不斷的往前推進,不但是現今世界各地各領域導演最愛配合的配樂家,也是少數能獨立完成大量各音樂型態製作的音樂家。 陸方- 鄭各均,別名 Sonic Deadhorse,國際知名電音製作人,2014 獲金音獎《最佳電音單曲獎》與《最佳電音專輯獎》雙冠王、2016 獲金音獎《最佳表演樂手》,表演形式結合電子音樂與器樂、實驗裝置,擅長各種非典型控制器設定、互動裝置設定、以及各式類型編曲、和聲理論教學,具深厚器樂能力與爵士樂演奏經驗,是台灣獨一無二的高門檻一人演奏電音。曾任 《底細 combo Band》吉他手、《歐噴愛》吉他手。 海方- 黃凱宇,別名 fish.the,2016 專輯《宮》入圍金音獎最佳電音專輯、入圍最佳電音單曲第38屆電影金馬獎最佳原創電影音樂-《千禧曼波》和林強一起獲獎,第 46 屆金鐘獎音效獎提名-《舊情照相館》台灣電子音樂啟蒙人物,曾獲 2011金鐘獎音效獎提名《舊情照相館/公共電視》,2001金馬獎最佳原創電影音樂和《千禧曼波》,獲第一屆新聞局樂團輔導金《Fish and the Bedroom Riot》,出版有《電子舞曲聖經》,《草木戰役 EXOTIC EXOTICISM/公共電視》配樂原聲帶、《沒參加/水晶唱片》, 《向前走 REMIX/林強精選 2001 向前走 》、《迎花/歡樂電子中國年 》,並有電視廣告《TOYOTA 切割篇》、《麥當勞搖搖薯條》等。

Sky- Ko,Jhih-Hao (Blaire Ko) is a musician and a winner of Golden Bell Awards for Best Sound Award and Golden Melody Award for Best Album Hakka. He has received multiple nominations for Golden Melody Award for Best Musical Group and Best Traditional Instrumental Recording Album, Eslite Music Selection, and named TAIPEI TIMES Album of the Year. He was an active member in music bands Hohak and OpenEye .His works range from classical to experimental. He has performed in live concerts composed music for films, TV series and musicals. Ko Jhih-Hao continues to push the limits of music production by creating and experimenting with different possibilities. He is a sought-after composer by directors of various genres around the world and one of a handful of independent musicians known for his prolific and diverse productions. Land- Land- Jheng,Ge-Jyun, aka Sonic Deadhorse, is a world renown techno music producer. He is also the dual winner of the 2014 Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA) for Best Techno Music Single and Best Techno Music Album and the 2016 GIMA for Best Performing Artist. With a personal style that marries techno music, instrumental, and lab equipment, Jheng Ge-Jyun specializes in tweaking various atypical control and interactive devices and composing various music genres. He also teaches theories of harmony. Jheng Ge-Jyun is an accomplished instrumental artist and jazz musician. In fact, he is the one and only musician in Taiwan capable of a one-man techno performance, a feat with high barriers to entry indeed. He has also performed as guitarist in music bands Dizzy Combo Band and OpenEye. Sea- Kai-yu Huang, aka fish.the, won the 2016 Golden Indie Music Awards for Best Techno Album and nomineed for Best Techno Single. His original film score for the film Millennium Mambo, which he co-wrote with Lim Giong, won the 2001 38th Golden Horse Award for Original Music Award for Best Film. His work on Old Time Cameral Shop (a Public Television Service, PTS production), was nominated for the 2011 46th Golden Bell Award for Best Sound, with him being named inspirational figure of the techno scene in Taiwan. Earlier on, his masterpiece Fish and the Bedroom Riot was awarded the first funding issued by the Government Information Office. He has published a book on Techno Dance Music, titled “電子舞曲聖經”. He is also the brain behind the soundtracks for EXOTIC EXOTICISM (PTS production”), And She Wasn’t (produced by Shueijing Records), “Marching Forward REMIX” in Lim Giong’s 2001 Marching Forward, and “Welcome Flowers” in the album China Fun. He has also left his mark in TV commercials for TOYOTA and McDonald’s.